Privacy Policy

MEEMS deems the privacy of its valuable customers its top priority and takes every measure to maintain a sound user experience here on our portal. Our utmost efforts are to guide our valued customers (also referred to as “you” or “the user”) in right directions to maintain their privacy during their usage of this website. We do use certain parts of your personal information that we take during your stay at our website. This page constitutes our “Privacy Policy” containing the guidelines that we’ve set to address all your privacy concerns. We highly recommend you to read, understand and acknowledge your understanding of this “Privacy Policy” as mentioned here under:


MEEMS requires certain information from the customers in order to provide better and tailored products that are in line with the user’s preference and buying trends. During your visit at our website, you may be asked to provide your full name, contact number, email address and bank details to process your orders. If you wish to visit our website anonymously, we have the right to collect your IP address and cookies that help us in tracking down the geolocation of our visitors. We may ask you to provide sensitive information like bank details or credit card information to process your orders. You may find more information about the ‘Data Usage’ below to understand how your data shall be used by the management of MEEMS.


In order to continue our operations here at MEEMS, we require certain information from the customers visiting our website or from those that place an order on our portal. The collected information (as described in the DATA COLLECTION clause) is specifically used for business purposes and we take full responsibility that we would never use your personal information other than processing your orders, marketing products based on the given buying preferences and offering more relevant products through our portal. We collect your name, contact number and email address mainly for two purposes. We require this information to process your orders and secondly to market our products in future. It is to inform you that we do collect your geolocation through the IP address and cookies that help us in understanding the demographics of our customers. We have a very strict policy for using the personal information of our valued customers and we assure you that we would never share your personal information with anyone that is not part of MEEMS.


During your visit at MEEMS, you may see some advertisement on any product page. It is to inform you that these ads are basically third party links that lead you to other website that are not part of MEEMS and are displayed only for advertisement purposes. If you wish to visit those links then you shall never hold MEEMS accountable for any mishap or any unpleasant experience. While visiting the third party links, you admit that you are visiting the third party links at your own risk and shall not ask for any compensation to MEEMS or anyone associated with us in any capacity.


According to Pakistan’s cyber law, it is mandatory to keep records of the users through the cookies present in each electronic device. By abiding the law, we do use your cookies but only for specific purposes. The tracking of your cookies help us in understanding the demographics and buying behavior of our customers. We can predict future offerings based on the traffic flow from a certain area using the cookies that we collect from our visitors. Please note that cookies are a type of files and do not confuse them with any malware or virus that may harm your computer (or any other electronic device). This file is only used for tracking geolocation and does not involve any serious threat to the user’s electronic device.


MEEMS is a reputed brand that prioritize the comfort and safety of its users above all of its objectives. We ensure that your stay at our portal is safe in every aspect and you are safe from any cyber-attacks that may pose a serious threat to your personal information. We use SSL certificate that signify the fact that our portal is safe for online search, purchases and navigation and shall not spread malware or virus in the user’s device. So you can be sure with respect to our safety precautions and if you feel the urge to speak further and know more about our security measures, you may contact us at 012345 or write us at


MEEMS is a reputed clothing brand that respects the privacy rights of its users and ensures that you find our privacy guidelines up to your standards. As mentioned above, we do collect certain part of your personal information including your name, contact number, email address and bank details to process your orders. We also keep track of your IP address and cookies to track down your geolocation. At any stage of your usage, if you feel uncomfortable with respect to all these guidelines, you may ask us to remove all or any part of your personal information from our records. You may also ask us to drop your email address from our mailing list to stop receiving future notification from our new collections and discounts.

You’re free to contact our customer support at 012345 or write us at in case you have got a question that this “Privacy Policy” missed to cover in future.